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Ester-C & flavonoids

Ester-C & flavonoids

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The vitamin C and flavonoids in this formula are easily absorbed for antioxidant, immune and vascular support.

Our Ester-C Flavonoids offers ChelaMax® vitamin C. ChelaMax® is a nonacidic and fully chelated calcium ascorbate. The process of chelating wraps the vitamin in a protective shell to enhance bioavailability. This vitamin C with bioflavonoids formula also provides quercetin and rutin, for their free radical scavenging function. Rutin provides important support for blood vessel integrity and healthy cell function.

Unique vitamin C enhanced with flavonoids for antioxidant, immune, and vascular support

• Provides immune & vascular support
• Easy to absorb form of vitamin C
• Maintains antioxidant support

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