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Pomegranate Plus

Pomegranate Plus

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Our Pomegranate Plus capsules offer the nutritional power of pomegranate and other fruit extracts like the acai berry, promoting vascular and cellular health. This antioxidant support helps promote healthy memory, the healthy breakdown of fats, prostate health and glucose metabolism—the healthy breakdown of carbs for cell nourishment and energy.‡
Pomegranate also supports vascular function, healthy blood flow and cardiovascular health. The ingredient PhytoCardio® provides fruit extracts from cranberry and wild blueberry. Dietary intake of these fruits has been associated with healthy blood vessel function and gene expression. Also included in this supplement is the acai berry of Brazil, where it is known as “the fruit of life.” Acai is rich in anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids.‡

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